Like many other healthcare practitioners, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic I pivoted my practice to all telehealth for safety's sake. While it was not the way my clients were accustomed to working, they were patient, flexible, and understanding as I learned the telehealth ropes. Together, we charted the way forward in these uncertain times.

As the pandemic wanes, I am transitioning back to the office (Fall 2021)*, as well as maintaining a telehealth practice for those who want or need to meet that way.

Some clear advantages of telehealth sessions have presented over the months, including increased accessibility for clients, no need to cancel for inclement weather, and so on. While some of the nuance of in-person meetings is lost online, other benefits present that cannot exist in person–I get to see my clients' pets, for instance!

I welcome clients who want to attend in a hybrid fashion, meeting sometimes in person and sometimes online, while others will be all in-person or all online. I intend to meet my clients where they are at, as always, and to recognize what we have learned from navigating the pandemic together.

Online sessions are offered via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform with the utmost attention to the privacy, safety, and comfort of my clients.

*Due to recent concern about the Delta variant of COVID-19, masks may be required for in-person sessions.

Please note: Licensing laws indicate that telehealth sessions be limited to clients who reside in the state of New Jersey. New bills currently being considered may change this in the near future due to an anticipted counseling licensing reciprocity act, and if and when this happens I will update my site accordingly.