Relationships are complicated. Being in an intimate relationship is fraught with emotion, and issues often arise around communication, trust, parenting, values alignment, sexual intimacy, and much more. Couples counseling is for partners who are dating, engaged, married, or even already separated but trying to make it work. Couples counseling can also sometimes be appropriate for couples who are ready to end their relationship but interested in being good co-parents. No matter where you are in your relationship, counseling can help you work through your difficulties.

In my practice, when you begin counseling as a couple, you are my client as a couple. We will meet together on a regular basis, with a focus on the system of the couple and how the parts make up the whole. Everyone brings their own backgrounds and experiences to relationships, so space will be given to acknowledge that and understand where each partner is coming from, as well as how they work together as a whole and where there is room for improvement.

Please be advised that couples counseling is not indicated when emotional or physical abuse is present in a relationship, despite what you may have heard from friends or other professionals. If you are experiencing abuse in your relationship, please consider individual counseling instead. If you have questions or concerns about this, I would be happy to talk it through with you.

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